Prerequisites –

The minimum age of the student needs to be 6 years. Interest in music and curiosity to discover the joy of learning are the other prerequisites. There is no upper age limit. Music can be learnt at any age.


  1. Students will understand how to use the basic elements of music, notes and rhythm
  2. Develop Voice Clarity
  3. Acquainting the student to the physical Tanpura and what swaras the four strings are tuned to.  
  4. Know to use the Tanpura or Electric Tanpura for regular practice.
  5. Learn to focus on the stability of the note and match pitch perfectly with the Tanpura
  6. Student will learn to make different Alankar Patterns which they can further use in Classical as well as Bollywood Singing.

Course Format

For Individuals

  1. There will be one to one session.
  2. There will be a 50 minutes session.
  3. 4 Classes per month.
  4. This course is especially designed for those students who have some basic understanding and knowldege of music.
  5. Either an individual can learn bollywood or classical music.

For Group

  1. A maximum group of 3 students will be entertained.
  2. There will be 60 minutes session
  3. 8 classes per month.
  4. This course is especially designed for beginners. Intermediate Students can also try for this course.
  5. An individual will start with some basic prayers, popular bhajans and some basic understanding of Classical Music.
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My self, "Vipin Nagar" is a bollywood singer artist and belongs Delhi. I was initiated and trained about keyboard, Harmonium and light singing by my Guru.

I, Sings all type of old and new songs, Ghajals and Sufi Geet. Music is his life and worship. I strongly feels that the power of entertainment truly can make a difference in people's lives.

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